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round 1 mock trial ooc mingle

Welcome, Foolish Mortals, to the first ever Foolish Mortals Mock Trial. We would like to collectively thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for joining us on this wide ride, and we're honored to have each and every one of you join us on what we hope will be a very successful experience. We hope you guys have fun, and we hope that some of you might like our terrible jokes and abuse of Disney tropes to join us in the main round.

Next Sunday, (5/7) we will be dropping an IC mingle post for you all in our main comm - [community profile] foolishmortals. The mock trial investigation will be going up on Friday, May 12th and the trial will be posted on Saturday, May 13th barring any OOC circumstances that would hinder/delay them. If you have any questions in regards to the mock trial or the upcoming full game, please hit us up at our mod plurk ([ profile] foolishmortals) or on our personal accounts ([ profile] lepowned and [ profile] blankblankity).

In the meantime, don't be afraid to get to know the other players slated to join you here. Make friends and then writhe as each of your characters gets dipped one-by-one.

There's a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day.

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[personal profile] pardonmylanguage 2017-04-29 04:44 am (UTC)(link)
Hi everyone! I'm Gray, [ profile] graygriffin on plurk, and this will be my third mock trial! I'm going to be bringing in Gratuity Tucci, aka Tip, from The True Meaning of Smekday. She's pretty young, but she's already thwarted an alien invasion, discovered the remains of an ancient crashed spaceship, and learned to drive. She is going to be very annoyed at being abducted like this as well.

Smekday canonically has Happy Mouse Land, a pastiche of Disneyland, and several knockoff versions of Disney characters, so let me know if you'd like her to be aware of a parody version of your character!
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[personal profile] thedukeofficial 2017-04-29 04:52 am (UTC)(link)

HI EVERYONE my name is Lyndon, [ profile] lovebelievesin on plurk, and I'll be bringing you The Duke of Detroit from Motorcity, a cartoon I am still angry about the cancellation of!!! He's going to be your new best friend. If what you're looking for in a best friend is a weird showy gang leader/mechanic with some mild anger issues voiced by the lead singer of Twisted Sister, that is. And I mean come on, aren't we all looking for that exact kind of person?

I haven't done a mock trial before, but I do have two rounds of Trustfell and one of It's Curtains under my belt, so I know my way around this sort of thing! I'm excited to play with all of you, and very sorry to anyone who mentions cars around The Duke.

... he doesn't have a real name, by the way, or at least not one any of you are getting out of him. He's just The Duke of Detroit. Like his right hand woman is just Number 2.

EDIT: He's so, as the kids say, "extra", you guys. Look at him.
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[personal profile] terribibble 2017-04-29 04:55 am (UTC)(link)

I'm Ink [ profile] mister_inkwell and I'll be bringing you Fiddleford McGucket from Gravity Falls, taken from before he was a senile old hillbilly living in a junkyard. I play him mid-breakdown, so he's basically been pregaming for the despair of a murdergame and will fit right in. It's going to be real interesting to play him here because he's the kind of man who's sweet and helpful one moment and is building a giant robot to get back at someone for not coming to his retirement party the next. Definitely don't underestimate him just because he has no chin.
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[personal profile] rollerscoater 2017-04-29 04:57 am (UTC)(link)
Hello! My name's Jisu, and my first murdergame was Disney-themed so of course I have to get in here like a dirty shirt. I'll be playing Miss Bianca here, because we have to fill our tiny person quota somehow. I recognize most of you and I'm glad to see new faces too! You can add me at [ profile] jisusushi.
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[personal profile] pinkflip 2017-04-29 04:59 am (UTC)(link)


I'm Ashley, and I'm delighted to be here! I've done quite a few murdergames, but never a mock trial before, and they all seem like fun! To the party I bring original Pink Power Ranger, Kimberly Ann Hart! For those unfamiliar she's a valley girl gymnast who spends her free time saving the world with her friends and fighting people in suits monsters. Orrrr at least she did, she's just retired and boy is she going to be beyond totally annoyed at this whole thing.

...she's also incredibly 90s.

On plurk I'm [ profile] owl_like, but I won't be able to add people quite yet. I'm currently in a place with incredibly spotty internet, it's a bit of a miracle I could make this post. It'll be better as of Sunday and I'll be good the whole mock trial, just this early period's a bit nebulous! Still, I'd love to chat with you and meet and greet when I can. Let's see what this murderweek brings, shall we? ❤
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[personal profile] terribibble 2017-04-29 05:07 am (UTC)(link)
new goal: have fiddleford mcgucket call him 'mister the duke' at least once
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[personal profile] thedukeofficial 2017-04-29 05:10 am (UTC)(link)
"mister the duke, please stop draping yourself over your podium, someone is dead"
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[personal profile] terribibble 2017-04-29 05:18 am (UTC)(link)
"show some respect -- did i say do the splits. no i did not."
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[personal profile] pardonmylanguage 2017-04-29 05:20 am (UTC)(link)
Y'know, building giant robots might actually remind Tip of her (adoptive alien) brother back home. He basically turned their van into a hovercraft with a turbo booster.
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[personal profile] returntodarkness 2017-04-29 05:46 am (UTC)(link)

Heyo, guys, I'm Ana, and you can find me at [ profile] anakha. I'm bringing you Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness. ...AKA a certain name thief from Kingdom Hearts who can't shut up about darkness and hearts. He's one of the science brigade, and I will be constantly be making fun of him because he can't float like a douche anymore.

Anyway, I've only been in Airlocked R1 and Parasomnia so far, so I hope I do just fine!
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[personal profile] hedidit 2017-04-29 05:48 am (UTC)(link)
hello darkness my old friend i've come to talk with you again

HEY KIDS, I'M LEPO. For those of you who have never murdergamed with me before, you're in for a ride. I've had my hands in moderating a fair number of them, three so far, and shitpost in pretty much every single one I do. This will not be an exception in this game. I'll be one of your two mods for this shindig, and will also be modding the main game itself!

For the purposes of the mock round, I'll be playing Edgar Balthazar from The Aristocats. For the unfamiliar, he's essentially the world's worst Disney villain. Just imagine the total opposite of Maleficent. He's an incompetent butler whose main enemy is a pack of kittens.

You can reach/add me on Plurk at [ profile] lepowned!
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[personal profile] missingache 2017-04-29 06:06 am (UTC)(link)
HI I'M SILAS AND Y'ALL CAN FIND ME ON [ profile] chromatus!

So, this is my first mock trial in all my time murdergaming, and I'm excited. Bringing in this blond from a certain series which tears everyone's hearts out, Kingdom Hearts. Roxas is the Nobody of Sora but with the face of Ventus, and the grumpiest of the three who share a heart. He does make friends, not as easily as Sora, but when he does, he's super loyal. Yes, he is friendly, no, he will not hold back if he's irritated by you.

This is his "I can't believe this is happening" expression.
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[personal profile] misplacesfriends 2017-04-29 06:11 am (UTC)(link)

It's been a hot minute since I've been in a game with death, destruction, and mayhem. But I'll admit it's the first actual "murder game" and I don't regret it going to Disney. Anyway, I'm Mikki and I'll be the Finn for this nonsense of a trial! I fell into the dark, deep, pit that is LucasFilms' creation. Help me. And while this whole thing isn't Jakku, he's likely to prefer the desert planet more soon enough I think!!!

Anyway, you can reach me at [ profile] gloryfalling for nonsense!!
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[personal profile] exclamationpoint 2017-04-29 06:13 am (UTC)(link)
my name is reili. you shorten it to r, which is as short as you can get a name.

this is teddy sanders from neighbors. obviously.

if you don't recognize me, I'm 100% of the kingdom keepers fandom and pure fucking disney garbage. be glad lyndon told me i shouldn't bring another kingdom keeper. on the minus side, he also said i should bring someone from alley cats strike so.

you can reach me at [ profile] flyingthesky or on aim at eroticabot.
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[personal profile] tadaishi 2017-04-29 06:14 am (UTC)(link)
Hello all!

I'm Daimon ([ profile] yazooairspace on plurk), and this is the first time I've been able to participate in anything involving a murdergame, so I have a vague idea of what I'm supposed to be doing!

I'm bringing in Tadashi Hamada from Big Hero 6, that one Disney movie people feel is Frozen's eternal rival or something. He's a giant nerd who likes to build robots and dresses like he stepped out of the 1950's despite living in the 2030's or so. He's pretty easy to get along with, especially if you're a fellow science person.

Seriously though, look at his fashion sense
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[personal profile] terribibble 2017-04-29 06:17 am (UTC)(link)
I don't know how much building of robots he'll actually be able to get up to but he will talk her ear off about it if she even so much as mentions a passing interest (or even just familiarity). Let him have this one nice thing. No talk of murder just engineering now
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[personal profile] pardonmylanguage 2017-04-29 07:30 am (UTC)(link)
Yes let's have a happy murder-free nerd week.
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[personal profile] pardonmylanguage 2017-04-29 07:32 am (UTC)(link)
Will he try and big bro Tip
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[personal profile] pardonmylanguage 2017-04-29 07:32 am (UTC)(link)
Don't you dare try and kill Tip's cat
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[personal profile] kindaruledatit 2017-04-29 08:18 am (UTC)(link)
everyone's angry about the cancellation of Motorcity
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[personal profile] kindaruledatit 2017-04-29 08:26 am (UTC)(link)

HOO doggies it's been so long since my last murder game outing like a week or something idk

But yes! Hello, mock trial people! I'm Drizz ([ profile] lightdrizzel) and I'll be bringing you Wendy Corduroy from the Disney show Gravity Falls. For those unfamiliar, she's the single daughter in a four-man lumberjack family, living in the woods of Gravity Falls Oregon, where every kind of weird thing happens. Wendy is your usual teen, sarcastic, kind of lazy, and would rather hang out with friends then work at her job... with the added bonus of being a badass thrill seeker.

So yeah. I've been in several murdergames before this, (and another mock trial just this month) so I'm really looking forward to this, and all the nonsense that will come from it.
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[personal profile] kindaruledatit 2017-04-29 08:27 am (UTC)(link)
/finger guns

they should hang out
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[personal profile] tonewlengths 2017-04-29 08:56 am (UTC)(link)
Hi all, I'm Witty (wittyandgay @ plurk sorry I don't know your fancy html ways) and I'm dusting off this adorable munchkin, Rapunzel from Tangled. She is a fearsome competitor you should all be very careful of in this murder game!! COME AT HER GHOSTS.

If you're not familiar, which is frankly surprising, she's a multi-talented, bubbly and sweet princess with some major mother issues who is not afraid to resort to violence, blackmail and deception to get what she wants. A real role model for kids. I'm taking her from early movie and the haunted mansion will be her first time ever leaving her tower, so don't mind if she tries to bash your characters head in with her trusty frying pan on their first meeting. She's learning. Once she calms down I'm sure everyone can be friends 8D

This is my first mock trial and I'm relatively new to murder games, but I am excited to play with you all!
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[personal profile] defyingfrigidity 2017-04-29 12:49 pm (UTC)(link)
fuck being rivals let's be besties and bond over being protective older siblings to incredibly impulsive younger siblings
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[personal profile] defyingfrigidity 2017-04-29 12:50 pm (UTC)(link)

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