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Elsa | Frozen


[Well... it looks like Elsa's made a friend, in the oddest of places.

She'd been scared of the ghosts a bit at first, like most of the others in the mansion. But the more she took notice of the odd things going on around the building, the less she was convinced that whatever spirits were living with them were evil. They just... seemed to want attention. So one day, in a lull between the murder and the horror, Elsa can be found in the music room, before the grand piano. At first it just seems like she's playing by herself, playing the same few bars twice before moving on with whatever song she's playing, but when one gets a little closer, they'll see that she's only playing the tune once. The next time it plays, her hands aren't even on the keys, though they still push down like something is playing with her.]

You seem to really like that song, don't you?


[Gee a murder possibly happening at a ball that doesn't sound familiar nah Balls... really aren't Elsa's thing. A whole lot of people all gathered in one room is enough to start to pick at her, and after everything that happened at her coronation, there... aren't really some good memories associated with parties like this. But the bright side to this one is that she isn't forced to be the center of attention, so she manages to relax a little!

... Of course, that doesn't mean she willingly lets herself be the center of attention. Elsa's off to the side of the room, wallflowering it up a bit. There's a light smile on her face though, as she watches the others mill about, so at least she doesn't seem bothered with the situation they've all sort of been forced into.

Would you like to approach...?]

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