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Fiddleford Mcgucket | Gravity Falls

[A. Killing Time]

[The conservatory sounds almost nice until Fiddleford actually gets there and finds it just as dusty and cobweb-covered as everywhere else. At least there are no portraits to watch him here, which is a marked step-up over the rest of this place.]

Y'know I bet some of these'd perk right up with a little water...

[Look. Desperate, dogged, stupid optimism is all he has right now. He turns to look for a can, takes a single step, runs smack into an expansive spider web and screams like a little girl.]

[B. Body Discovery]

[This is... incredibly conflicting. On the one hand a dead deer isn't all that abhorrent to a country boy who grew up butchering his own pigs. On the other hand this dead deer could talk. So... yeah. Weird. He didn't like that the deer could talk but that wasn't really grounds for murder.

At least it being a deer means he isn't in complete hysterics like he would be if it was a human. Honestly he's more annoyed that whoever did this wasn't even intending to make use of the meat. What a waste. Is that wrong of him? He feels like it probably is kind of wrong, in a way. Sorry, Bambi's mom. Not his fault how he was raised.

He does know what a freshly-killed animal ought to look like, though. Are there any bullet-holes? Stab wounds?]

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