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Jiminy Cricket | Disney's Pinnochio

Killing Time

[So here's the thing. Crickets live about three months, tops. He's already spent his equivalent of the twenties on the road, seen the sights, made mistakes, and experienced life. Oh and the last thing he remembers is leaving his wood friend in an illegal donkey kidnapping ring. So he's seen a lot.

But now he's trapped in a strange murder building, he's almost a month and a half old, and he's kind of losing his mind right now.

Which brings us to an anxious cricket struggling to stay still as he watches one of these moving picture shows. He never saw one of these in 1883 Italy, but he can catch up. He can be hip and cool with the modern generation. He's not falling behind in the world at all.

Formal Ball

[Jiminy still isn't 100% used to this fancy outfit he's been sporting. It was a gift from the Blue Fairy and he's been working hard to maintain it for her. Once every possible trace of dirt or fluff has been removed, Jiminy proudly hops around the ballroom, showing off... the same suit he's been wearing every single day.

Listen he's trying to keep a good attitude about all this and being a braggart is the best way to go about it.

Body Discovery

[The stench of animal death is overpowering and about as unsettling as Jiminy expected. He'd been pretty lucky in avoiding insect death, considering how easy it is to get stepped on.

Mrs. Bambi's Mom was a good lady. A caretaker and a mother, keeping children safe and properly informed. Those are values that Carlo Collodi, writer of the original Pinocchio Jiminy holds dear.

Reluctantly, he hops closer to get an unfortunately detailed look at the damage.

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