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J. Jonah Jameson | Marvel 616


[In every murdergame, there's always one person - an individual who seems to be so angry with their situation that they take it out on the people around them. Imagine the most frustrated individual you've ever seen, multiply the anger they were feeling by ten and you'll have Jameson at this very moment. He's yelling at nobody in particular, though won't hesitate to turn his attention to you if you step in his general direction.]

Do you know who you're dealing with here!? Nobody kidnaps J. Jonah Jameson and gets away with it! My lawyers'll be on you like friggin' dogs, you hear me!?

[With a cigar wedged in his mouth and his fist balled tight, he shakes it at anyone who steps his way. He yells all sorts of gibberish like the above, not stopping until he's interrupted.]


[JJ is a journalist, and goddamnit, he knows when this shit gets serious. He holds off the tasteless venison joke for now. That can wait till later.

The man has armed himself with a camera and is out photographing every stray bit of evidence he can find. He captures the body from every possible angle, and every little item that seems remotely out-of-place gets photographed.

He sits at a table, puffing at his cigar, looking over some polaroids. Jolly Jonah is in his element.]



[JJJ has retrieved something...interesting from the machine today. We're not very sure what this costume is supposed to be, but he manages to look both ecstatic and livid about it at the same time. If you approach him, he shakes the mask in your direction.]

You see, I told you that webslinging menace was involved, and now I've got the proof in my own goddamn hands!

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