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Judge Doom | Who Framed Roger Rabbit?


[Men like Judge Doom, men with vision, tend to be in control of their situations. To be placed in an ordeal where he's stripped of all power is truly audacious. As glamorous as this all might be, Doom is quick to call it when he sees it. This is a kidnapping situation, and kidnapping a government official warrants justice.

There's little to note about his surroundings outside the fact that he hobbles out of there as quickly as possible. After working in Toontown with the likes of Bugs Bunny and Droopy Dog, one tends to be desensitized by these sort of things. The house, as cartoonishly creepy as it might be, is nothing short of mundane to him. Upon reading the rules, however, he truly grows worried. As dignified as Doom carries himself, this is the first time where he feels that he doesn't have control of the situation. Had he been kidnapped as retribution for his own crimes?

No, that couldn't be it. He'll maintain the facade of stoicism for now. It's convenient for him, especially if others lurked about this realm.

So, Doom roams the place. Eyes peeled and scanning every room for details. The cane held in his right hand doubles as a swordstick - and he keeps it ready at all times. No telling what sort of maniac could be lurking around this anarchy-ridden hellhole...]


I would like to speak with you.

[No matter where you are, no matter what you're doing, you find yourself being cornered by the good judge. Someone has died, and Doom is seeking justice. His cape blows, despite the lack of wind, and he leans on his cane as he waits for a response.]

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