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The Mad Hatter ([personal profile] cleancup) wrote in [community profile] foolishmortalsooc 2017-03-19 08:44 pm (UTC)

The Mad Hatter | Alice in Wonderland/Disney Parks


[Teatime! The Hatter might already be well known for his inane tea parties, but this seems deranged even by his standards. The teacups are floating about in the air at wild, with streams of tea forming skulls in the air. The Hatter says nothing of this, even as his oversized hat floats off of his head. That is, until the silverware starts to float away.]

Oh, look! The dish is running away with the spoon!

[So it is.]


[Wonderland is not a place where one sees much in the way of blood and guts. Even the queen's mass decapitations typically end with the victim's heads bouncing away and grumbling something about brilligs and slimy toves. The sight of the mutilated deer unnerves him greatly, for this reason.]

I suppose


Somebody else take this one, I'm going to go scream into my hat for an hour.

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