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Naminé | Kingdom Hearts

killing time
[ ... Well, there might not be a lot here in the mansion, but there's more than what Naminé is used to. Castle Oblivion didn't have much in the way of entertainment, but all of the entertainment here is... creepy... like those silent films. Naminé's thoroughly unsettled by them, but there has to be something good here... right? Sure.

... She pokes around in the seance room for a little while, too, before deciding it is definitely not for her, and she gets the heck out of dodge. Or catch her in the kitchen--she's had an appetite, strangely, since arriving here, so she's trying a lot of stuff... ]

formal ball
[ She doesn't know how to dance, but... why not? Naminé's opted to wear a simple white dress, which is exactly what she wore upon arriving here. Mostly she stays at the walls. Maybe convince her, somehow, to move away...?

... Or maybe the lights have gone out. She's staying close to the walls, still, but she manages to pluck up enough courage to step away and right into someone. Oops. ]

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