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Benjamin Franklin Gates ([personal profile] illstealit) wrote in [community profile] foolishmortalsooc 2017-03-19 02:13 am (UTC)

Benjamin Franklin Gates | that movie with the declaration

waking up

[ Hm. This is... not where he expected to wake up. It's not nearly as cold as where he last was, for one, and...

Regardless, Ben's quick to get ou- no wait he's pacing around the room and looking at every damn thing and muttering about the era of history it looks like it came from. Then he goes outside of his room. And... investigates the walls and furniture some more, um. He doesn't seem too bothered about being kidnapped until he sees someone else. And then he will approach, but keep in mind - this is kids movie Nic Cage, but it's still Nic Cage approaching you in a haunted house. ]

Uh... pardon me, but... do you happen to have any idea how we got here? As interesting as this place is, I have an expedition to get back to.

Et Cetera, Et Cetera, Et Cetera

[ Well, he decided to try his luck with regains today! And he got some sort of... tube? The kind of tube big enough to hold like. A poster.

From his expression when he opens it, what's inside is definitely not an ordinary poster. Um. Excuse him, he's going to run full-tilt back to his room. ]

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