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Professor Padriac Ratigan | Great Mouse Detective

[Killing Time]

Well, killing time was tragic in its own right. He'd much rather be off killing...other things. Or at he very least trying to rebuild the shambles of his Criminal Empire, which was in shambles because of his ...apparent demise.

Still, there was not much else he could do at the moment.

The dapper, overly large ra--mouse--wandered into the conservatory. He was wearing a very fine suit, holding a top hat in his paws, with a red cape flapping roguishly behind him.

"Not the most cheerful place in the world, but not so bad for criminal activities," he chuckled quietly to himself, practically dancing through some dead peonies, his large tail dragging behind him.

[Body Discovery]

He was drawn by the familiar scent of death, though it didn't have the same certain smell as the usual rodent deaths. Well, the ones that Felicia hadn't eaten, anyway.

Hmm. He quite missed that cat.

Ratigan wrinkled his nose and approached the body carefully. He was a brilliant mastermind, and despite being a criminal, he could deduce just as quickly and easily as that miserable Basil of Baker Street.

Though, the means wasn't as in question, as was the motive. And was anyone else in any danger?

A great grin.

It seemed a new game had begun.

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