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[killing time]

[There's really only one thing that Wall-e does to "kill time", and that's cleaning up garbage or playing with random things he finds. As such, it's easy to find Wall-E wandering around, picking random objects up and examining them, attempting to determine whether or not it's trash or worth keeping.

That is, until he reaches the room with the projector.]


[Despite the fact that the films that it plays are silent (and possibly creepy), Wall-e actually stops in it's tracks here and watches one of them play out. He seems to find it interesting enough to hold his attention, despite it not being Hello Dolly. If anyone comes in to join him, he will wave a hand at them, before then pointing to the screen inquisitively.

What is this movie that's playing on the screen right now, we're curious about it.]

[happy haunts]

[Wall-e is not used to ghost shenanigans, so when the piano starts playing by itself, or when he thinks he's noticed a portrait looking at him funny, he rolls back towards it and tilts his head at these things in confusion.

It's not until a sudden loud noise, whether it be from an object falling at random or a door suddenly slamming shut, causing the robot to yell in alarm and speed away from the noise... and right into whoever happens to be walking right by here.]

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