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Captain Amelia | Treasure Planet

waking up

[ Creaking she's used to in beds, though it's been a few years at least now since she was promoted above cots. It's that which clues her in first that something's amiss. She doesn't sense any other physical presence in the room, which is good at least... so after a moment of investigating the room she heads out into the hallway. And if she encounters you and you look like a friendly enough sort, she'll approach. ]

Terribly sorry to ask, but have you been kidnapped as well, or are you a resident of this... haunt?

[ Ha. God this place is gross. ]

killing time

[ Well, Amelia has somehow procured a saber! Nothing nearly as fancy as she's used to, but making do with things she's not used to is half of what qualifies her for captaining! So before that formal ball business, she's going to go ahead and use the ballroom to keep in form and get used to the weight and such of her new companion! She's quite adept at this. ]

formal ball

[ Luckily, one of the perks of her position is she comes in a suit that can be worn to balls already! Military and all that. So Amelia takes it upon herself to sort of... prowl the edges of the party. Half to try to keep people safe, half to connect with others who aren't comfortable here. Balls have always been far too stuffy for her liking. ]

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