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Tamatoa ([personal profile] decopod) wrote in [community profile] foolishmortalsooc 2017-03-17 10:28 pm (UTC)

Tamatoa | Moana

Killing Time
[ Did you ever see an 11 feet tall sparkly crab in a portait gallery? Did you want to? Actually, you're not getting a say in the matter. Tamatoa is here and he's very, very hard to overlook. ]

What's the point of keeping so many pictures of puny humans around? They're not even pretty. Actually the whole paintings aren't pretty - way too dark, those colors, nothing is... vibrant.

[ Tamatoa hasn't been an art critic until this very second, but feel free to consider him a professional. Shh. ]

Formal Ball
[ Tamatoa isn't particularly worried about this motive or anything much. He may have been shrunken down to an annoying level, but he has a shell and everyone else here... kind of doesn't have that. He knows he's more likely to be culprit than target and that's what matters.

So he's going to enjoy himself.

He's dancing.

Sorry to whoever else was on the dance floor and now constantly has to make room to let a swirling giant crab pass by. ]

Body Discovery

Sooo... is anyone eating that? Because if we leave her here to rot that's going to get nasty and I could use the snack.

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