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Wendy "punch a unicorn" Corduroy ([personal profile] kindaruledatit) wrote in [community profile] foolishmortalsooc 2017-03-17 10:10 pm (UTC)

Wendy Corduroy


[If the group must stay here for the foreseeable future, then at least their stupid captors were kind enough to leave them with some entertainment.

Today, for an hour or so already, Wendy's planted her butt in the film room, spending her day reclined and diving through the old film reels; movies of trains moving, and horses racing, and all of it's silent.

But hey, it reminds her of home.


[Wendy leans back against one of the walls of the ballroom, content to watch the rest of the room and get involved in their captor's crummy excuse for a party as little as possible. But she has decided to dress formally for this.

She's... wearing the exact same clothes as she normally does, with the addition of simple, black bowtie around her neck.

Pure class.


[Naturally, the rank scent of blood in the air is sure to draw attention no matter where you happen to be at the time.

That means Wendy comes running latter then the rest, and skids to a stop right before the corpse, holding her nose. She fought off a gagging sensation in her throat, trying to use her anger to swallow it.

Aww, yuck, man! I thought we all agreed that hunting the deer was a no-go!

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