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Sally ([personal profile] darnsitall) wrote in [community profile] foolishmortalsooc 2017-03-17 09:52 pm (UTC)

Sally | The Nightmare Before Christmas

Killing Time

[Where else would you find Sally but the conservatory? She's happily humming a song while watering the very dead flowers. She even re-pots one certain dead plant that was outgrowing its original pot before it withered. Should... somebody tell her it's not going to help?]

Happy Haunts

[Sally loiters in the portrait gallery, completely unfazed by the flickering lights and the breeze that seems to come from nowhere, rustling her skirt and her long hair. It's only when one of the portraits of a surly old man turns its eyes on her that she gasps.]

...Excuse me! It's rude to stare!

[Not expecting that kind of response, the portrait's eyes snap shut.]

Formal Ball

[If there's one thing that the denizens of Halloween Town know how to do better than scaring the pants off people, it's party. Sally is here wearing a striped number of her own design. She looks around the room excitedly before spotting you and running over.]

Come on, let's dance the night away!

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