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Lady Eboshi | Princess Mononoke

2 - Killing Time

[The inconvenience of this strange mansion is not without its diversions, it must be said, and Lady Eboshi can be found lingering in any one of them, but none are so intriguing as the projector room. In silent study with a somewhat furrowed brow, she tests how the film reels move, how the light turns on, the switches and gears - while she's not too familiar with this sort of machinery, it's clear she's had experience handling some things, because she's not giving up until she can get one of the movies to play.]

Interesting...so it moves this way, and...

[Want to watch her struggle for a while, or are you kind enough to give a lady a hand?]

4 - Formal Ball

[Sure, the motive is beastly, but is Lady Eboshi ruffled? Not that any of you can tell. She's dressed quite nicely and holds herself with a poised air. She may not be dancing, but she'll greet anyone who looks her way with a genteel smile.]

Enjoying the festivities?

[She seems fine enough to hang around with, but do be warned that underneath all that silk, she's packing steel. You don't come to something like this in such a place unarmed, after all, do you?]

5 - Body Discovery

...What a shame. Poor thing.

[Lady Eboshi has knelt by the slain doe, mouth set as she carefully takes stock of the injuries. Dead animals aren't an unfamiliar sight - people need to eat after all, and forests aren't cleared without bloodshed - but the deer hadn't done a single one of them harm. If you seem faint or disgusted, she'll part with the body to usher you someplace less corpse-y, but if you've got the stomach to handle a carcass, she'll welcome the help.]

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