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Basil ([personal profile] worldstiniestviolin) wrote in [community profile] foolishmortalsooc 2017-03-17 09:45 am (UTC)

Basil, the Great Mouse Detective

[Moving eyes on a portrait... unusual, yes, but not entirely out of the norm of what Basil has previously investigated. He has climbed up on one of the busts in the hall, carefully looking at the portrait in question to see if the eyes will give him access to - no doubt - the peephole behind, and thus further clues as to who has created this ... phantasmagoria that people seem to consider an actual haunted house]

[Not that any such thing truly exists, he thought. No, logic dictated otherwise]

Curious... there seems to be no markings, but there must be something...

[It was the smell that caught him first. He carefully walked around the body, looking at it from all angles before speaking out loud. Perhaps to himself, perhaps to anyone who comes near. He is clearly deep in thought, either way]

Doe, of mothering age... One child, judging by current body shape. By the smell, dead ... a few hours perhaps. No clear sign of possible cause which leads to believe... internal. Poison? Too wide, must find a way of narrowing it down...

[Basil has found the library. You can watch him all you want, ghosts, he will be carefully inspecting the books]

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