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No matter how your heart is grieving...


To those who are still alive, welcome to Foolish Mortal's first (official) Survivor Pool! You guys are so close to endgame, but just a warning, with the overarching plot you may finish R1 with more questions than answers. However, even with the long winding road ahead, we all believe in you!

Because this the final week, we only need a check in from all of you guys, but we will need 100% tag-in contribution from the whole survivor pool for both the Investigation and Trial. And for the investigation, you will be split into two teams, as shown below.

Team A

Team B

While the investigation will ICly happen on Wednesday, the Final Investigation will be put up on Friday at 12:00 PM EST with the Final Trial at Saturday 12:00 PM EST. Don't worry if it runs long, however!   

Happy Hauntings!

If you keep on believing...
The dream that you wish will come true

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