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mock trial feedback

Hey, folks! Now that we're done with our mock trial, we thought that it would be nice to open up the door to feedback from both our players and outside sources! While Mod Lepo has done the whole murdergame modding thing before, this is his first time as a head mod. This is also Mod Blank's first time modding in quite a while - so any feedback you have for either of us will be greatly appreciated on both ends. What did you think of the mock trial? What could we have done better? Did we make too many jokes about vore?

While we're at it, we wanted to notify you all of something we're going to be adding to the FAQ, just so we could prepare you all.

- Round One of Foolish Mortals will not feature a golden end in the traditional sense that you are thinking of. We have a multi-murdergame arc planned for three rounds, and we will be utilizing a shared deadland model as a part of this.

- Thus, if you participated in round one of the game, especially if you found yourself in deadland, you may be asked to participate in in a future round/events in a small capacity. More on this later.

If you have any questions about our upcoming round, feel free to ask us!

We hope to see you all when reserves for round one of Foolish Mortals open up on June 2nd!
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10/10 i liked the part where doom vored the sandwich

But in all seriousness, I had a great time! In terms of modding both Lepo and Blank were present and attentive for the whole week, and there were never times where questions to mods were left sitting. Particularly during the investigation and trial it never felt as though there was any point where things dragged on the mod end, and when an absence was unavoidable you let us know so it was fine. One of the most important things about a murdergame from what I have both seen from the outside and experienced as a player is that the mods are active and on top of things, and you both demonstrated you can handle that just fine.

You also worked to craft a murder that was difficult to solve without being impossible (with the help of Drizz, of course, so shoutout to Drizz too!); you left no immediately-obvious clues and so it really was down to the characters to brainstorm the exact right way to flush the killer out. A trial should be a real challenge, and I think this level of difficulty was quite good and a reasonable rule of thumb going forward.

Finally I really heckin loved the metaplot and I loved that even for a week-long minigame you gave us a full backstory to solve and the clues to solve it with. Like we can joke about clipping into the mastermind trial accidentally but it really impressed me that you went through the extra work of setting that all up and making it possible (possumble) without forcing it. We also very much could have played the trial straight, voted for Wendy and had her dipped as though this really was the first murder week of a much bigger game. Letting us go into endgame when it's what the characters were going toward IC was an extra step above what you had to do for a glorified test drive and I'm really impressed by it.

Structure-wise I have no complaints; the murdergame post and schedule structure has been tried and true for a long time and you don't need to make any changes there.

Honestly you guys did a great job and I'm pumped for the main game especially with that teaser up there. You've already proven you can handle a bigger plot than 'do the murders' so I'm excited for whatever you have in store!
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Seconding Ink and adding in that the investigation threads were fun! Just...super enjoyable, they had their own fun voice to them? Which I feel is necessary for a murdergame. It didn't feel like you were trying to imitate another murdergame or anything like that, you just had your own drum that you were moving to, and that's incredibly important!

Basically you guys made this whole minigame feel like its own entity, and it bodes SUPER well for the main rounds!